pylops.utils.tapers.taper3d(nt, nmask, ntap, tapertype='hanning')[source]

3D taper

Create 2d mask of size \([n_\text{mask}[0] \times n_\text{mask}[1] \times n_t]\) with tapering of size ntap along the first and second dimension

nt : int

Number of time samples of mask along third dimension

nmask : tuple

Number of space samples of mask along first dimension

ntap : tuple

Number of samples of tapering at edges of first dimension

tapertype : int

Type of taper (hanning, cosine, cosinesquare or None)

taper : numpy.ndarray

2d mask with tapering along first dimension of size \([n_\text{mask,0} \times n_\text{mask,1} \times n_t]\)