PyLops Utilities

Alongside with its Linear Operators and Solvers, PyLops contains also a number of auxiliary routines performing universal tasks that are used by several operators or simply within one or more Tutorials for the preparation of input data and subsequent visualization of results.


dottest(Op[, nr, nc, rtol, complexflag, …]) Dot test.


describe(Op) Describe a PyLops operator


trace_hutchinson(Op[, neval, batch_size, …]) Trace of linear operator using the Hutchinson method.
trace_hutchpp(Op[, neval, sampler, backend]) Trace of linear operator using the Hutch++ method.
trace_nahutchpp(Op[, neval, sampler, c1, …]) Trace of linear operator using the NA-Hutch++ method.

Scalability test

scalability_test(Op, x[, workers, forward]) Scalability test.


seismicevents.makeaxis(par) Create axes t, x, and y axes
seismicevents.linear2d(x, t, v, t0, theta, …) Linear 2D events
seismicevents.parabolic2d(x, t, t0, px, pxx, …) Parabolic 2D events
seismicevents.hyperbolic2d(x, t, t0, vrms, …) Hyperbolic 2D events
seismicevents.linear3d(x, y, t, v, t0, …) Linear 3D events
seismicevents.hyperbolic3d(x, y, t, t0, …) Hyperbolic 3D events
marchenko.directwave(wav, trav, nt, dt[, …]) Analytical direct wave in acoustic media


signalprocessing.convmtx(h, n) Convolution matrix
signalprocessing.nonstationary_convmtx(H, n) Convolution matrix from a bank of filters
signalprocessing.slope_estimate(d[, dz, dx, …]) Local slope estimation


tapers.taper2d(nt, nmask, ntap[, tapertype]) 2D taper
tapers.taper3d(nt, nmask, ntap[, tapertype]) 3D taper


wavelets.ricker(t[, f0]) Ricker wavelet
wavelets.gaussian(t[, std]) Gaussian wavelet

Geophysical Reservoir characterization

avo.zoeppritz_scattering(vp1, vs1, rho1, …) Zoeppritz solution.
avo.zoeppritz_element(vp1, vs1, rho1, vp0, …) Single element of Zoeppritz solution.
avo.zoeppritz_pp(vp1, vs1, rho1, vp0, vs0, …) PP reflection coefficient from the Zoeppritz scattering matrix.
avo.approx_zoeppritz_pp(vp1, vs1, rho1, vp0, …) PP reflection coefficient from the approximate Zoeppritz equation.
avo.akirichards(theta, vsvp[, n]) Three terms Aki-Richards approximation.
avo.fatti(theta, vsvp[, n]) Three terms Fatti approximation., vsvp[, n]) PS reflection coefficient